Create the Future of Trade

Toward an Open and Global Trade Ecosystem

International trade is a highly complicated system that involves many different types of participants and as such, is considered impossible to digitalize with existing technologies. Using blockchain technology, we are building a new platform, "TradeWaltz®", that will enable all participants to share information and deliver new value to all users.

Blockchain Will Change the World

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) have the power to bring the social infrastructure of the digital era to a whole new level.

While the internet has spread to every corner of the world, data is being controlled by a handful of global giants and governments, creating concerns of a tech monopoly. In addition, while companies may tout "digital transformation" policies, in many cases, people have merely digitized and automated their data processing while retaining most manual procedures as-is. The world needs a new social infrastructure to overcome these problems.


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