Information Security Policy Charter

  • Information Security Policy Charter

Information Security Policy Charter

TradeWaltz Inc. (hereafter referred to as Our Company) will, in good faith of both the client and society, make efforts to protect all information assets from theft, loss or corrupt data, and any other risks by taking the following security measures.

1.Responsibility of Management

Our Company, under the initiative of management will make systematic and continuous efforts to improve information security.

2.Preparation of a Company System

Our Company will establish official company regulations regarding information security by creating a system to maintain and improve information security.

3.Employee Initiatives

Our Company will ensure that employees undergo training to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for information security.

4.Compliance with Laws and Contract Requirements

Our Company will meet the expectations of the client by protecting the obligations of contracts, laws, regulations, policies, etc.

5.Handling of Incidents and Violations

Our Company will take appropriate countermeasures in the case of any law violations or breaches of contract with regards to information security and efforts will be made to ensure the problem does not reoccur.

Enactment Date: December 4th 2021
TradeWaltz Inc.
Hirohisa Kojima, President & CEO


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