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  • Linkage with "TradeWaltz®," a trade information digitization platform, Launch of "Beyond TheBook®" Premium Plan, a project service for small- and medium-sized logistics companies -Promoting DX among small- and medium-sized forwarders and shippers to revitalize the industry

Linkage with “TradeWaltz®,” a trade information digitization platform, Launch of “Beyond TheBook®” Premium Plan, a project service for small- and medium-sized logistics companies -Promoting DX among small- and medium-sized forwarders and shippers to revitalize the industry

Linkage with “TradeWaltz®,” a trade information digitization platform, Launch of “Beyond TheBook®” Premium Plan, a project service for small- and medium-sized logistics companies -Promoting DX among small- and medium-sized forwarders and shippers to revitalize the industry
貿易情報電子化プラットフォーム「TradeWaltz®」と連携 中小物流企業向け案件サービス「Beyond TheBook®」Premiumプラン提供開始 ~中小フォワーダー・荷主のDXを推進し、産業活性化へ~

 Focus Systems Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Focus Systems”), operator of “Beyond TheBook®”, a case management service for small and medium-sized logistics companies, and TradeWaltz Inc, operator of “TradeWaltz®”, a trade information collaboration platform, announced today, December 12, 2022, the progress of their collaboration. The “Beyond TheBook” Premium Plan, which connects “Beyond TheBook” to “TradeWaltz,” is available from today, December 12, 2022.

 The greatest feature of this plan is that “TradeWaltz” can be used while maintaining the simple UI environment of “Beyond TheBook” that can be used by anyone, enabling trade information collaboration not only among logistics companies and shippers, but also across industries.
 The service is being offered initially in the import business domain, but a major update is planned for spring 2023 or later to expand the functionality to the export business domain as well.
 Although “Beyond TheBook” is primarily a service for logistics companies, the plan expands the target user domain from small and medium forwarders to small and medium shippers. In addition to forwarder practices, shippers will be able to more simply manage a series of complex and complicated trade practices, providing a dramatic improvement in the working environment for both parties.
The “TradeWaltz” features available in the plan are as follows:

▶︎Forwarder  ”TradeWaltz” Transaction Assignment Management
▶︎Shipper   Creation and management of “TradeWaltz” transactions, assignment of deals via “TradeWaltz” + basic functions

 For small and medium-sized shippers and forwarders who have traditionally had difficulty building mission-critical systems, the new system also provides an easy-to-use subscription service for mission-critical systems, expanding the environment for digital applications in the expanding global trading business.

The following online seminars will be held in conjunction with the release of the plan.

■Online Seminar (Webinar)
Date & Time: Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 15:00-16:30
Outline application:
Application deadline: Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 14:30
Attendance fee: Free of charge
Content: [Beyond TheBook’s Release Seminar on the Linkage of “TradeWaltz” Import Function].
    (1) Explanation and demonstration of “Beyond TheBook
        How to utilize Premium Plan
    (2) Explanation of “TradeWaltz
    (3) Q&A session to solve trade practice problems
Target: Small and medium-sized shippers and forwarders who have problems like
  ・want to improve business efficiency
  ・want to comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Law, and to digitize documents and transactions.

(Demonstration image)

■ Comments from stakeholders
Yosuke Saito, General manager, Smart Tech Service Department, Digital Business Division, Focus Systems, Inc. 
“This release is the biggest feature update for Beyond TheBook since its launch in October last year, and we hope that the Premium plan will help many companies achieve trade DX by providing opportunities to use the TradeWaltz platform, especially for mid-size shippers and mid-size logistics companies. We hope that the Premium plan will contribute to the realization of trade DX for many companies, especially for small shippers and small logistics companies.
 We will continue to improve the efficiency of our business processes by leveraging the “TradeWaltz” linkage for export operations as well as the linkage with more trading partners connected to the platform.”

Satoru Someya, Managing Director, Head of CEO’s office, TradeWaltz, Inc.  
“Our mission is to “create the future of trade.” The future that we envision includes many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that will be exporting more of Japan’s wonderful products overseas and importing more of the wonderful products from overseas to Japan. We are very pleased to be working with Beyond TheBook, which provides friendly UI to small and medium-sized businesses, and we deeply appreciate all those who have been involved in making this happen. We hope to share again the status of our platform and what we would like to achieve with Focus Systems in the future in our release webinar.”

■Related Press Release
 TradeWaltz’s desire to support SMEs through digitization of trade practices and Focus Systems’ desire to provide a system that enables anyone to conduct trade transactions match, and the two companies announced a collaboration on July 26, 2022. 
(Focus Systems)

 ■About Focus Systems Corporation
 Founded in 1977, Focus Systems is engaged in the development and operation of systems for the public sector, telecommunications and other highly social sectors, and actively promotes business development that anticipates the trends of the times, such as IoT, cloud computing and AI. Our corporate slogan is “Technology with heart. It expresses the passion and sincerity with which each and every one of us at Focus Systems approach our work, which connects people with people through technology.
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■About TradeWaltz Inc. 
 TradeWaltz Inc. operates TradeWaltz, a trade information collaboration platform that enables the centralized management of information related to trade operations in electronic data. By utilizing blockchain technology, which has characteristics that make it difficult to falsify information, TradeWaltz completely digitizes trade transactions under a high level of security. The company is operated by all Japan members including 14 investers like NTT DATA Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd and Mitsubishi Corporation.
TradeWaltz official website:

*”Beyond TheBook” is a registered trademark of Focus Systems corporation in Japan.
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