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  • TradeWaltz participated in "Platform Seminar for promoting trade DX" organized by OBIC Co., Ltd.

TradeWaltz participated in “Platform Seminar for promoting trade DX” organized by OBIC Co., Ltd.

TradeWaltz participated in “Platform Seminar for promoting trade DX” organized by OBIC Co., Ltd.

TradeWaltz participated in “Platform Seminar for promoting trade DX” organized by OBIC Co., Ltd. Thank you to all who participated. 

■Overview of the Seminar

Seminar name

“Platform Seminar for promoting trade DX”

Data and time

10:20-12:00 on February 9th (Thu), 2023


OBIC Cloud Academy in Tokyo (Kyobashi Edogrand)

OBIC Cloud Academy in Osaka(Osaka Headquarters)
OBIC Cloud Academy in Nagoya(Nagoya Branch)
OBIC Cloud Academy in Fukuoka(Fukuoka Branch)

※Details of the venue will also be included in the course registration form.


Max 100 people
※Please note that you may not be able to attend the course if there are too many applications.
(Nagoya 10 seats left, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka 【Registration is closed due to full enrollment.】)


Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka: Onsite at each venue (hosted in Tokyo)
 ※Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka venues will be available via a live webcast.




Management, Corporate Planning, IT, and other departments in charge

Application process

Registration was closed at 17:00 on January 30 (Mon).
Thank you for your interest.


Part I: How to achieve Trade DX by the use of “TradeWaltz™”?
TradeWaltz, a next-generation platform in which major Japanese companies are investing, is getting increased attention. We will introduce the changes and future prospects for trade operations through information sharing among trading companies, manufacturers, logistics, banks, insurance, shipping companies, customs clearance, and other players. We also informed about trade DX using TradeWaltz and OBIC7.

Part II: What kind of system construction is required for the future of the logistics companies?
Today, the logistics industry is required to respond to all kinds of “change. As part of these changes, Digital Transformation (DX), which utilizes platforms, etc., has been gaining attention. In the midst of various changes in the environment, OBIC has presented its vision of the systems that logistics companies will require in the future.

■About TradeWaltz
TradeWaltz is a cross-industry trade information collaboration platform. By utilizing blockchain technology, TradeWaltz completely digitizes trade transactions under a high level of security. The results of past demonstrations have confirmed a 44-60% increase in business efficiency, and the elimination of paper documents reduces costs and enables teleworking by trade professionals.

■About OBIC7
OBIC7 is an integrated business software (ERP) that supports corporate management innovation and business reform. With accounting information as its foundation, OBIC7 provides a wide range of solutions covering all business operations, all of which are provided in the cloud. OBIC7 contributes to maximize customers’ management effectiveness through early operation.


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