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  • TradeWaltz and Beyond TheBook started collaboration to expand the DX market for small and medium-sized companies in the trade industry through a partnership between Focus Systems and TradeWaltz Inc.

TradeWaltz and Beyond TheBook started collaboration to expand the DX market for small and medium-sized companies in the trade industry through a partnership between Focus Systems and TradeWaltz Inc.

TradeWaltz and Beyond TheBook started collaboration to expand the DX market for small and medium-sized companies in the trade industry through a partnership between Focus Systems and TradeWaltz Inc.

Focus Systems Corporation 
TradeWaltz Inc. 

Focus Systems Corporation (hereinafter: Focus Systems), which operates Beyond TheBook®, a transaction management service for small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter: SMEs), and TradeWaltz Inc. (hereinafter: TradeWaltz) which operates TradeWaltz®, a platform to link trade information, launched a system collaboration project.     
The use of TradeWaltz through Beyond TheBook will simplify trade practices at low prices and lead to the revitalization of domestic industries by reducing distances to global markets.  


Advantages that small and medium-scale trade practitioners receive through trade digitalization 
As TradeWaltz reported at the APEC International Conference last year, the World Bank and other organizations found that while SMEs drive 70% of the world’s industries, only 20-30% are in the trading sector. This attributes to the disadvantageous situation for SMEs due to analog based trading procedures, such as (1) the 72-hour effort and (2) the $648 cost required for import and export procedures, and (3) the need for offices and warehouses to store paper documents, which makes it difficult to start on a small scale, and (4) the need to have personnel with specialized knowledge such as customs clearance. 
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 TradeWaltz carried out a demonstration test targeting SMEs last year by envisioning that TradeWaltz® could support them through the digitization of trade procedures. To accomplish this goal, the study started aiming to establish a price range that makes it easier for SMEs to use and searching sales and introduction partners. 
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■ Make DX the norm for SMEs with lowcost subscription service  

 When TradeWaltz designed and announced the pay-as-you-go billing model that is easy for SMEs to use and a sales agent system, the collaboration has decided with Focus Systems, which operates Beyond TheBook, a trading transaction management service for small and medium logistics companies. “Beyond TheBook” is with a mission to provide a mechanism that allows everyone to conduct trade transactions, and provides a low-priced DX product that is easily introduced by SMEs, and it was compatible with the concept of TradeWaltz, which accelerated the launch of this project. 
 In December this year, we have planned to launch a Premium service that allows users to connect to TradeWaltz on Beyond TheBook. In addition, it aims to establish a business model in which small and medium logistics companies will serve as distributors for Beyond TheBook, and strategically expand target users to small and medium shippers who are closely connected with small and medium logistics companies. 
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■ Comments from related parties 
Yosuke Saito, General Manager, Smart Tech Service Department, Digital Business Division, Focus Systems Corporation 
We believe that TradeWaltz, a trading platform, provides a new platform for trade that links trade transactions with logistics companies that support these transactions to the global market. We would like to thank TradeWaltz for giving us an opportunity to expand this very valuable attempt to the market. Beyond TheBook will provide more effective experience in using TradeWaltz for small and medium shippers and small and medium logistics companies in particular and will contribute to Japanese industrial growth through the development of trade transactions.  


Satoru Someya, Managing Director and Head of CEO’s Office, TradeWaltz Inc. 
SMEs, which account for 99.7% of Japanese companies and 68.8% of employees, are stakeholders that support the core of the Japanese industry. We believe that serving the environment that is easy for SMEs to engage in transactions with expanding overseas markets will lead to the development and growth of Japan. We believe that our tools can be useful not only for large enterprises but also for SMEs with overseas business transactions, but we have not yet reached the level which allows us to expand and sell our product to them, thus, the proposal by Focus Systems Corporation is appreciated. Also, please feel free to contact us if any companies are interested in collaborating with us.  


■ Focus Systems Corporation 
 Focus Systems Corporation began developing and selling “Beyond TheBook”, a cloud transaction management service for small and medium-sized logistics companies (forwarders), in October 2021. Major functions are transaction control, estimation, automatic issuance of invoices, and chat function, which also supports the act on electronic book preservation. While managing transactions in a unified manner, information can be shared smoothly with shippers. It is also possible to provide added values by utilizing data, such as proposing the most appropriate plan based on accumulated transportation data for each customer. Without leaving SMEs behind, the service allows anyone to introduce and use DX easily. 
 Founded in 1977, Focus Systems Corporation is not only involved in the development and operation of systems for the public, telecommunications, and other social sectors, but is also actively developing its business in anticipation of trends such as IoT, cloud computing, and AI. The corporate slogan is Put Our Heart into Technologies. This expresses the passion and sincerity with which each and every one of us at Focus Systems approach our work, which connects people with people through technology. 
 Beyond TheBook official HP:  
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TradeWaltz Inc.   
 TradeWaltz Inc. operates TradeWaltz, a trade information linkage platform that enables centralized management of information related to trade operations in electronic data. The platform fully digitalizes trade transactions under a high level of security by utilizing blockchain technology, which has characteristics that make it difficult to falsify information. In addition, various documents can be shared and edited electronically among industry participants on the same platform. The introduction of TradeWaltz allows operations handled by paper documents to complete online, enabling trade professionals to work remotely and smoothly and check the progress of procedures, thereby improving operational efficiency. Furthermore, costs are expected to be reduced because warehousing fees for paper documents are no longer required. 
 The company was launched with joint investment by seven companies, such as NTT Data Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation in November 2020. Additional funding from three companies, including UTokyo IPC was raised in August 2021, and the company is operated based on the investment by a total of 10 shareholders. 

(Note) “Beyond TheBook” is a registered trademark of Focus Systems Corporation in Japan. 
   “TradeWaltz” is a registered trademark of TradeWaltz Inc. in Japan. 
   Other product names, company names, and organization names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. 


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Someya, Saito, CEO Office, TradeWaltz Inc.             



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