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  • The Japanese Trading Platform TradeWaltz and the Thai Trading Platform NDTP Have Signed an International Terms of Reference (TOR) to Connect their Systems ~ with cooperation of Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s distribution channels and digital bills of laden using TradeLens ~

The Japanese Trading Platform TradeWaltz and the Thai Trading Platform NDTP Have Signed an International Terms of Reference (TOR) to Connect their Systems ~ with cooperation of Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s distribution channels and digital bills of laden using TradeLens ~

The Japanese Trading Platform TradeWaltz and the Thai Trading Platform NDTP Have Signed an International Terms of Reference (TOR) to Connect their Systems ~ with cooperation of Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s distribution channels  and digital bills of laden using TradeLens ~

 On January 14, 2022, TradeWaltz Inc., which operates “TradeWaltz,” a trading-related information-sharing platform (hereinafter referred to as “trading platform”), has signed a terms of reference based on the International Platform Connection Plan between the Japanese Trading Platform “TradeWaltz” and the Thai Trading Platform “National Digital Trade Platform (NDTP)”. The implementation of this international agreement was advocated by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (hereinafter referred to as “ASEAN”) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as “APEC”), as well as introduced in the ASIA-Japan Investing for the Future Initiative of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

■ COVID-19 Requires More Efficient Trade Practices, Remote Work, and Visualization of the Supply Chain
 Trade operations, which includes the flow of all kinds of goods, still involve paperwork processes at offices and government agencies. This has become a cause of long working hours and a barrier to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Asia. As a solution, countries are accelerating the introduction of trading platforms, which has been proven to increase operational efficiency by 44-60% and promote remote work.
 However, in order to create further efficiency, complete end-to-end digitalization (from the exporting country to the importing country) is necessary. It is also necessary to connect the trading platforms between countries to create interoperability.
 This will make it easier to visualize the supply chain, search for necessary items and plan alternative distribution routes in the event of an emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby making the supply chain more resilient.

■ Aim to Connect Trade Platform with the APEC Meeting’s Host Country, Thailand in 2022
 As we announced at the APEC conference last year (*1) TradeWaltz inc. is working with Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand on a project to connect trade platforms between the countries, but as the host country, Thailand will be the focus of the project.
 The collaboration and construction of a trade platform among countries to be advanced in this project has been greatly supported by the government and also mentioned by Minister Hagiuda of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in the “ASIA-Japan Investing for the Future Initiative (*2)” as an excellent example of future investment and co-creation, as shown below.

Excerpt from the ASIA-Japan Investing for the Future Initiative
Section: Improving attractiveness of the region as a hub of Global Supply Chain②

Excerpt from Minister Hagiuda’s Speech – (1-2) Investment in Connectivity
 We will contribute to the digitalization of trade procedures as well. Trade document will be digitalized,

and digital trade platform will be created where relevant parties can share information
comprehensively in a secure way using block chain technologies. Japan and ASEAN private companies’
endeavoring to achieve these objectives will be supported by the government.

■ Specifications on How to Connect Each Countries Systems and Verify Commercial Flow
 As reported by the Thai NDTP at the APEC Digital Trade Symposium (*3) held on November 18 last year, the connection points between the two countries’ platforms, which are expected to be implemented in 2022, are planned to be as follows. As for the digital bill of lading (eBL), studies are underway to utilize and collaborate with the external services of TradeLens (*4).

Document Method
Purchase Order, Packing List, Invoice TradeWaltz-NDTP direct connection
Bill of Lading Connect information from TradeWaltz and NDTP
using TradeLens eBL

*4) A service operated by a joint venture between IBM and Maersk, and has specialized functions for container shipping companies. Among the service offered is a digital bill of lading service, one of seven digital bills of lading in the world approved by the shipowners’ liability mutual insurance association (commonly known as the P&I Club).

 While the TOR between TradeWaltz Inc. and NDTP has been signed and action to connect the trading platforms is underway, once the system linkage has been established, the data communication of auto part export transactions to Thailand of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, one of the shareholders of TradeWaltz inc., will be confirmed.

Comments from People Involved
Hirohisa Kojima, TradeWaltz Inc., President & CEO
 “We are relieved to have successfully reached the signing ceremony of this TOR. TradeWaltz Inc. is still a 27-employee company that has only been in business for about a year and three months, but we are determined to make this national project a success, and to move as close as possible to the “future of trade” that we are aiming for, with the help of all those involved.”

Kobsak Duangdee, Head of NDTP Project of JSCCIB
 “We are very pleased with the success of this TOR signing. It is indeed the key milestone to kick start the digital trade transformation and connectivity between the countries, which are also crucial parts of the Regional Digital Trade Transformation and Connectivity initiative that we have been working on both in ASEAN and APEC. This project will again be highlighted during the APEC Business Advisory Council Meetings (ABAC) this year. With support and collaboration between the parties involved, we look forward and are confident on achieving our shared goals in the area of digital trade.”

Juan-Jose Ruiz, TradeLens, IBM, Head of Strategy and Business Development
「We are pleased to be selected as the electronic Bill of Lading solution for the NDTP-TradeWaltz initiative. TradeLens has a vision of a paperless trade environment that requires an open and collaborative approach. Our platform allows exporters and importers of all sizes to leverage leading cross-carrier digital capabilities, wherever they are. Together we hope to increase trade velocity between countries」

Eiji Matsuzaki, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, executive officer and Assistant to CDTO
 “We’re honored to join a demonstration experiment of the project establishing new normal of logistics industry under cooperation between both countries. We’ll co-create with our partners in order to develop more convenient, more comfortable, and more workable platform for all trading relevant parties.”

■ About TradeWaltz Inc.
Company Name                  TradeWaltz Inc.
Representative                   Hirohisa Kojima, President & CEO
Headquarters                     2F, Marunouchi Nijubashi Building,
             2-2 Marunouchi 3-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Date Established               April 2020
Main Operations               Delivery of the TradeWaltz® SaaS(*2), a trading-related
               information-sharing platform built with blockchain technology
Employees                         Fulltime: 27
Register of shareholders:
                                            NTT DATA Corporation
                                            UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.
                                            Mitsubishi Corporation
                                            Toyota Tsusho Corporation
                                            Kanematsu Corporation
                                            Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
                                            Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd.
                                            Nissin Corporation
                                            MUFG Bank, Ltd.
                                            Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

(*1)「TradeWaltz」is a registered trade mark in Japan of TradeWaltz Inc. Any other names of products, companies, groups, etc., are names and registered trademarks of their own.
(*2)SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a model that makes software available for use over the Internet.

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