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  • “TradeWaltz™”, trade-related information-sharing platform The number of domestic users has reached 40 in a year after the release of its commercial version in April, 2022. -TradeWaltz accelerates sales activities in order to expand the users in Japanese market. -

“TradeWaltz™”, trade-related information-sharing platform The number of domestic users has reached 40 in a year after the release of its commercial version in April, 2022. -TradeWaltz accelerates sales activities in order to expand the users in Japanese market. –

“TradeWaltz™”, trade-related information-sharing platform The number of domestic users has reached 40 in a year after the release of its commercial version in April, 2022. -TradeWaltz accelerates sales activities in order to expand the users in Japanese market. –

TradeWaltz Inc. (hereinafter, “TradeWaltz”) is pleased to announce that the number of domestic companies that have started using the commercial version of its trade-related information-sharing platform, TradeWaltz™ has reached 40. Including authorized users (overseas companies), the total number of companies is 70 (number of companies registered in the company master).
 Regarding features, a wide range of services is now available, from contracts to export/import customs clearance and settlement of accounts.

■Expanding the number of users such as trading companies, manufacturers and FWDs
TradeWaltz released its commercial version in April 2022. Since then, the number of companies using the service has gradually expanded through sales efforts over the past year. As of March 28, 2023, a total of 41 companies, including 11 domestic trading companies and manufacturers, 1 financial institution, 28 FWD and shipping companies, and 1 IT vendor, have started using the commercial version of TradeWaltz. Including authorized overseas users, it could be 70 companies (number of company master registrants) which are using the system.

 Among the 1,600 inquiries we have received so far, many have asked which companies are using the commercial version of the service. Below is a list of corporations currently using the commercial version.

The list of domestic corporate users (in Japanese alphabetical order)

11 Domestic trading companies / Manufacturers

Astomos Energy Corporation



Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation

HighChem Company Limited

FUJIFILM Logistics Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Corporation Plastics Ltd.


1 Other company

1 Financial institution

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

28 Logistics companies / Shipping companies

AIT Corporation

Omori Kaisoten, Ltd.

Kanematsu Logistics & Insurance Ltd.

Kamigumi Co., Ltd.

Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.


Kintetsu World Express, Inc.


Sanshin Co., Ltd.




Tatsumi Shokai Co., Ltd.

Chikko Corporation

Chukyo Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.

Nishi – Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.


Nisshin Transportation Co., Ltd.



Fuji Warehouse Corporation



Flying Fish Inc.




1 Other company

1 IT Vendor (Undisclosed)

 TradeWaltz is a “trade-specific intercompany communication platform that is reliable and secure with blockchain,” and if both companies use it, trade information can be linked electronically, easily, and at low cost. Similar to the spread of call applications as a communication platform between individuals, this is a type of service that will spread quickly as the number of registered users increases and the benefits to users increase as the number of connected companies grows (the network effect). Here are some examples of the current use of this service.

■Use cases and comments (FUJIFILM Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “FUJIFILM Logistics”) and HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS”)) 
 FUJIFILM Logistics has linked its system with TradeWaltz by API to improve further efficiency and sophistication of information linkage with HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS, which handles air cargo logistics and customs clearance arrangements. HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS also linked its system to the TradeWaltz via API, making it possible to request logistics and customs clearance arrangements and receive the results electronically, thereby achieving high efficiency in business operations.

 We have received feedback from Mr. Mitsui, CEO of Fujifilm Logistics, who said, “Through the introduction of TradeWaltz, our system modification, and BPR (Business Process Reform), we have confirmed the results of reducing the required time for trade operations in the scope where TradeWaltz has been implemented.” In addition to expanding the scope of the applications of TradeWaltz to other commercial distribution and L/C transactions with financial institutions in the future, the company is also considering using the platform as a requirement for logistics companies that outsource ocean freight logistics and customs clearance arrangements.

 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has also announced a supportive strategy to promote the collaboration and utilization of the trade platform by trade practitioners. (

■Release status and schedules of functions available in the product version
With the functions developing in FY2022, basic pattern procedures for exports, imports, and trilateral transactions can be handled within TradeWaltz. (Excluding eBL and LC issuance request/negotiation, insurance application and prior compliance checks, etc.)


Process / unctions

Live / To Be Released


Notify, Email/ Approve / Archive



Send P/O,  Issue Contract



Request LC Issuance / Negotiation

To Be Released in FY2024

Receive LC Advise


Export Customs Clearance

Export Shipping Instruction (Request Documentation, Request Export Customs Clearance, Request Cargo Unloading, Request Booking, Request Cargo Insurance) / Store Export Customs Permit




Request Booking / Request BL Issuance / Store BL


Request eBL Issuance  

To Be Released in FY2025


Request IP / DN Issuance

To Be Released in FY2023

Store IP / DN


Final Document

Request CO Issuance / Store CO(Non-Preferential)

To Be Released in May, FY2023

Request CO Issuance / Store CO (Preferential)

To Be Released in FY2023

Create Final Document / Send Final Document


Import Customs Clearance

Import Instruction (Request Documentation, Request Import Customs Clearance, Request Cargo Loading, Request Booking, Request Cargo Insurance) / Store Import Customs Permit



■Strengthening the sales organization to reach 100 domestic users in FY2023
 To expand the number of users, we have reorganized our company’s structure so that we can work as one in all processes from information dissemination to users, business analysis for introduction, contract signing, and system integration such as API and RPA linkage. As a result, PR, marketing, sales, and pre-sales have been integrated into a single headquarters, enabling smoother information collaboration than ever before. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that our customers can consider the introduction of TradeWaltz as a reliable solution.

【Comments from stakeholders】
(User of the commercial version) Tadashi Mitsui, CEO of FUJIFILM Logistics
The introduction of TradeWaltz has greatly reduced the time we used to
spend mailing paper-based documents and proceeding them and has also freed us from simple tasks such as inputting them into our system. By expanding the scope of applications of TradeWaltz and promoting BPR, we can reduce person-hours required for trade operations by approximately 50% by FY2026. In addition, we aim to reduce lead times by two-thirds, thereby improving shippers’ cash conversion cycles.
TradeWaltz could be a revolutionary tool for strengthening global SCM, as it allows users to check the progress of trade operations in real-time. We expect that the platform’s growing use of blockchain technology will help realize immediate and reliable international trade operations in the future.”

(User of the commercial version) Kazuhiro Tanimura, CEO of HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS
Bythe API linkage with the TradeWaltz platform, we are now able to flexibly incorporate structural data related to international trade operations into our system, and we are able to pass on the cost reduction benefits of eliminating duplicate input to our customers. We expect to further expand the interface in the future and contribute to shorter lead times for our customers.

Hirohisa Kojima, CEO of TradeWaltz
“In 2016, NTT DATA, Inc. conducted a PoC of handling insurance policies on the blockchain with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., and then in August 2017, we launched a trade consortium and started developing TradeWaltz .
It has been about 6 years since then, and we are very pleased to finally have the basic functions in place and to see some of our customers utilizing it in some of their business operations. We will continue to enhance the functions of TradeWaltz in FY2023 and beyond and will do our utmost to ensure that as many companies as possible can use it with confidence.

Satoru Someya, COO, CMO, Head of Global & Alliance Business Department, of TradeWaltz
I’m in charge of COO of sales and marketing from February 1st, 2023. It took a while since it was a unique service that was not widely seen in Japan or overseas. Currently we have some use cases like FUJIFILM Logistics, therefore customers are beginning to understand the usage of the service, and the government has started full-scale support for trade platforms. I believe FY2023 should be the first year that Japan moves toward full digitalization of trade. We will continue to make every effort to make the work of every trade practitioner more efficient, enabling them to work from home. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us, using the contact information at the end of this page.

Yusuke Yanagida, CPO of TradeWaltz
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the various companies that have begun using our products since the release of the commercial version. We have continued to implement features while receiving real feedback from the companies involved in trade, and in FY2023 we will expand our internal engineers and focus on refining our product in response to customer feedback and requests through an agile development system in preparation for future expansion of the platform.

■About TradeWaltz Inc.
Name:                   TradeWaltz Inc.
Representative:   President & CEO Hirohisa Kojima
Office:                   KASUMIGASEKI BUILDING 36F WORKSTYLING, 3-2-5
                               Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6036
Established:    April 2020
Main Business:     Provision of the SaaS*2 of “TradeWaltz,” a trade-related information-sharing platform using blockchain
Number of Employees: 54 (full-time)            
Shareholders:       NTT DATA Corporation
                                Toyota Tsusho Corporation
                                UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.
                                Mitsubishi Corporation
                                TW Link Corporation
                                Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
                                Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.
                                Kamigumi Co., Ltd.
                                FUJITRANS CORPORATION
                                MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
                                NISSIN CORPORATION
                                MUFG Bank, Ltd.
                                Marubeni Corporation
                                Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation
                                Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

*1 “TradeWaltz™” is a registered trademark of TradeWaltz Inc. in Japan.   
     Other product names, company names, and organization names are the trademarks or registered.trademarks of each company.
*2 Abbreviation of “Software as a Service,” a mechanism by which users can use necessary software functions via the Internet.

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