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  • ICC(国際商業会議所)より国連モデル法(MLETR)を活用した各国法改正の指南書がリリースされました



貿易デジタル化を実現するためには、「船荷証券 Bill of Lading」を含むすべての貿易書類を電子で取り扱って良い、とする法改正が求められており、2017年に国連からモデル法(MLETR)が発出されてから、バーレーンを皮切りに、シンガポール(2021)などでも法改正がなされてきました。タイや英国は2023年頃を目途に法改正が終わる予定であり、日本も2025年を目途に、残っている船荷証券の電子化法改正が終わる見込みです。

貿易コンソーシアム提案の「船荷証券の電子化」法改正が法務省の法制審議会で諮問されました。 | お知らせ | TradeWaltz
「船荷証券の電子化」に関する商法改正につき、法務省からパブリックコメントの募集が始まりました。 | お知らせ | TradeWaltz




I thought that you may be interested in a recent publication related to our UK-Thailand project. It was launched yesterday at the EBRD in London. 


The Blueprint Paper that has been posted on CASTL’s website and is accessible at:  It has been a pleasure for us to prepare this Blueprint Paper – actively supported by the EBRD – under CASTL’s banner.


The Paper will also be posted on EBRD’s and ICC’s websites and a recording of the launch meeting will be shared by EBRD in the next few days. During the launch we referred to our project in Thailand.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with the website of the CASTL (the Centre for Applied Sustainable Transition Law) of which John Taylor (copied) and I are founding members (see  We formed the view that insufficient attention is being paid to the important role of law in supporting (and at times, sadly, hindering) the global transition towards sustainable economic development. Our UK-Thailand project was the first project we conducted as an implementing partner of the Legal Technical Assistance Taskforce (of ICC United Kingdom’s, Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation).  

Please feel free to share the Paper with anyone whom you think might be interested.  


Kind regards,

Dr Theodora A Christou